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This is an informative website, which completely focuses on implementing changes in symbiosis with replacement of old technology such as ERP systems, much of the material refers to old Dynamics AX and new Dynamics 365, but can be used by anyone who is to replace an old ERP SYSTEM.

See the big picture with Digital Transformation

The new digital world, where the pace of change is violent, a world where the unthinkable, suddenly became possible, my words about 4 years ago!

Today with Corona, everyone understands these words, Corona has certainly moved our technology utilization 4 years into the future, But our Mindset our new truth a ”global paradigm shift” this has certainly moved us several decades into the future, It’s a real WOW. And the pace of change will continue and be violent, for the time being!

Today with Corona understands all these words, Corona has surely moved our ”Mindset” 4 years into the future, and the pace of change will continue and be violent!

I help you with:

•Counseling to business leaders & boards, Insight, awareness, understanding of the emerging World

• Project planning with and against moving targets ”Moving Targets“ •Change and Digitalisation in symbiosis

• Replacement of old technology (ERP), a difficult question for most, but is needed ERP system today, these monster systems contradict their own purpose, but the new knowledge we have today with Cornona, the pace of change

• Project & change management from planning A to Z

• Risk management

• Management and steering group communication, as well as communication with everyone else in the organization with the right language for the right target group.

It requires new Digital Models, and a new ”Mindset”

-Digital Transformation -New organization and working methods -Break down silos ”Cross-Border” -Plan with moving targets ”Plan/Point of Directions” -Implementation model from start to finish ”D-WoB” -Change & Culture -Replacement of old ERP system -Everything with a new mindset

Digital transformation with an old ERP and old models, it simply doesn’t Work!

40 years of digital change and ERP, always focusing on business and business benefits, but in symbiosis with technology.

Today with great insight, awareness and understanding of future trials, a completely wonderful world with many challenges and great opportunities.

Mikael Petersén – CEO Sysfinity AB Author of all documents, models and guidelines at Sysfinity

Sysfinity specializes in Digital Change, specifically where replacement of old ERP is included

Sysfinity is an independent advisor regarding Microsoft Dynamics 365, and works on the client’s side. On the other hand, there are thousands of Microsoft partners that deliver products and services based on Microsoft Dynamics 365.

We help you with everything from decision-making to the board to project implementation, and and execution to the end.

Sysfinity can add all resources on the customer’s side to run change projects with ERP

Procurement – Evaluation – Project planning – Project organization – Project and change management – Special project rescue

In the digital era, business benefits, change & culture, and processes meet, they must find their symbiosis!

Our areas and our working method ”Cross Border” together with our partners

Our work and model begins with the board

Sysfinity with the board and Digital Change_eng

”Without insight, no awareness, no awareness, no understanding. It often leads to inability (paralysis), fear is about to make mistakes, no decisions are made simply!”

Then we execute, together with the organization

Sysfintiys model D-WoB_Digital World of Business_eng


”Business and business benefits first, then technology, but in symbiosis with each other. And how the new Digital world affects companies and society, they must also find their symbiosis!”

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