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Sysfinity Wisdom with a new ”Mindset”

The person you are looking for, is a person who still have the insight with passion, and curiosity left. The person must has the courage to dare to test untested ground, dare to make a decision, to see the whole with a holistic approach, simply with a new ”mindset“ And with great experience of being a leader in a change work. It’s just like Sysfinity.

With the business first, understanding the working processes and enhancing them, we make sure technology delivers business benefits.

How should your company adapt to the digital change? Understanding how everything is connected, going from whole to detail and creating synergies is our way of doing it. We work together with management team and employees, go from strategy to execution and implementation with cost savings of up against about 60%, and with risk minimization.

40 years of experience with Digital change, 100 ERP projects as project and change manager, we have included this in The New Digital World. We have developed new models for the implementation of Digital changes.

Sysfinity works with trusted and long-term partners with the same ”Mindset”

Sysfinity is driven by a strong foundation of values

Our motto: honesty, openness leads to mutual long relationships

Mikael Petersén – CEO Sysfinity

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