Rise and Fall of the ERP Industry – Table of Contents

Rise and Fall of the old ERP Industry – Table of Contents
2017-08-05 created by: Mikael Petersén: mikael.petersen@sysfinity.se
Theme: Rise and fall of the old Analog ERP industry, What Now? New Digital Business Application applies!
– Are you still investing in ERP! Why? – part 1/4
– Do you like RISK? – part 2/4
– When do we need to change systems? – part 3/4
– How do we implement this project? – Part 4/4
Publishing begins v 32, keep an eye on it, will be ”Breaking News”
Due to major international interest, all articles / blogs will be published in English. The articles can be viewed and downloaded in Swedish and English on the blog/Downloads. http://sysfinity.se/blogg
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