Rise and Fall of the ERP Industry – Risk part 2_4

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Rise and fall of the old Analog ERP industry, What Now? New Digital Business Application applies!

2017-08-05 Created by: Mikael Petersén: mikael.petersen@sysfinity.se

Are you inactive with an old ERP system? You are at great risk!

Dynamics 365 One system to rule them all by Sysfinity


• A system change is taking place within the ERP world, new and modern Business Application systems developed with modern cloud technology are emerging. The technology used can easily communicate interact with everything and all built with modern cloud technology.

• This technology is not built to communicate with the old ERP world, staying with the old ERP systems, there is a RISK that nobody wants or can talk to your system.

• A new modern Business Application system like Microsoft Dynamics 365 is no new ERP system, it’s something completely different. The systems contain processes (about 20% from old ERP), the processes are new, updated, rebuilt and automated. The rest are new processes feature areas Which was not included in the old analog ERP.

• Do not handle Business Application as an ERP project; it requires completely different (new) methods and models to prepare, deploy and maintain.

• Handled a Business Application project right, this means great benefits and savings for companies. Handled in the wrong way, there is a high RISK that it leads to poor or incorrect implementations.

Dynamics 365 Sysfinity New World vs Old ERP World

Business Application is not an extension of ERP, it’s a whole new way of thinking, a new way of working, a new way to implement.

Old models and practices do not work for the introduction of Business Application!

ERP companies that implement the solutions will see most of their traditional tasks disappear (about 80%), while switching to modern technology and working methods ”New Mindset” Is it possible to do?

Old tasks within ERP:
Sales – Pre-Study – Analysis & Design – GAP List – Customizations – Integrations – Physical Installation – Comprehensive Acceptance Tests (Due to Customizations) – Maintenance – Upgrade. No longer needed in a digital world!

At the same time, there are other and new tasks, but nothing that the ERP has worked with before.

Evaluate the supplier / suppliers carefully, here is a big RISK to go wrong, if the supplier claims that Business Application is a new ERP system, check with any independent advisor!

Who and what are the suppliers in the future? The future will show it!


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