Rise and Fall of the ERP Industry – New World How part 4_4

How do we implement this project?

-Rise and Fall of ERP, part 4/4 – Download SWE and ENG http://sysfinity.se/blogg/downloads/

Rise and fall of the old Analog ERP industry, What Now? New Digital Business Application applies!

2017-08-23 Created by: Mikael Petersén: mikael.petersen@sysfinity.se

How do we implement this project?

Think change, business/operation benefit, think customer benefits

Find your new ”mindset”


Dynamics 365 Business Application is not an ERP or IT project, it is a business and change project based on the business plan / strategy, the digital and IT strategy, changes, culture and people. When we understand that, it’s time to plan for the introduction of a Dynamics 365 Business Application system with your new ”Mindset”

Companies must put themselves in the driver’s seat

Preparations are important, wrong or poor preparation can lead to bad or even incorrect implementations.

Business Application is not an extension of ERP, it’s a whole new way of thinking, a new way of working, a new way to implement. Companies need to review their processes and standardize them as long as possible. Integrate business plan / strategy with the digital and IT

With a New Mindset – Understand that the ERP era is over, and see what amazing opportunities there are in the new digital world. This calls for openness for the future, curiosity, agility, and a “New Mindset”

Dynamics 365_Sysfinity New Digital World• Changes are hard, but if you do them right, they can also be amazing fun!

• A Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Application project is something brand new, exciting and fun, it simply can not be compared to the old hard-working and tiresome analog ERP project.

Invest in the digital world and for the future, and do it the right way. Start the preparations already today, find your new ”Mindset” for your company, this must be done before starting a Dynamics 365 Business Application project.

Get knowledge of:

InsightWhat’s happening?

AwerenessWhy, How does it affect my business?

UnderstandingHow, What changes are required?

Project preparation – what are required?

Implementation – HOW?

Then put into operation what your business needs, and set it at your own pace. Dynamics 365 Business Application, a system is full of new opportunities. Below estimated time of preparation (excluding implementation).

Medium-sized companies = 6-12 månader
Big companies = 1-2 år
Enterprise = +2år

Dynamics 365 Business Application is built for an offensive digital approach, putting the business and customer in the center. Digital strategy is about the business plan / strategy, then integrate it with the Digital and IT strategy.

New ”Mindset” – New Model – In a new digital World

• Implementing a new Business Applications system in the new digital world requires a new way of thinking. ”A New Mindset” – A new model.

• Can the old models from the ERP world be used? No! They simply do not work in a new modern digital World!

• SYSFINITY With a new ”Mindset” and with a new own model, for the new digital World!


Sysfinity Dynamics 365 New Model

Sysfinity Dynamics 365 new model vs old




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