Rise and Fall of the ERP Industry – Invesment part 1_4

Are you still investing in ERP! Why?

-Rise and Fall of ERP, part 1/4 – Download SWE and ENG http://sysfinity.se/blogg/downloads/

Rise and fall of the old Analog ERP industry, What Now? New Digital Business Application applies!

2017-08-05 Created by: Mikael Petersén: mikael.petersen@sysfinity.se

Are you still investing in ERP! Why?

Dynamics 365 Invest ERP vs BS

• Most ERPs used today have technology from the 80s to 90s, they have a way of working that has the roots of the 70s

• ERP simply keeps disappearing, both as concepts and technology, and now it’s faster than ever!

• Microsoft has already closed down its ERP / Business System business area, which is now part of the Office family, which says a lot about the future of ERP.

• In 2016, ”Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Application”, a system developed with modern cloud technology, came together with Microsoft’s other business products.

Other modern systems (there are several others):

Other new system

Today’s old analog ERP / Business system is being phased out, and it’s coming fast right now!

Stop investing in your old analog system, soon or no-one can talk to them!

Sysfinity The old ERP world


• ERP, 80/90 digital technology and 70-way workmanship, really time to change now!

Sysfinity Development Tech and old ERP

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