Rise and Fall of the ERP Industry – Change System part 3_4

When do we need to change systems?

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Rise and fall of the old Analog ERP industry, What Now? New Digital Business Application applies!

2017-08-05 Created by: Mikael Petersén: mikael.petersen@sysfinity.se

When do we need to change systems?

Business Application is no IT project, it’s absolutely no ERP project, it’s a business and mostly a ”Change & Culture” project that never ends!

Before you start looking at a new Dynamics 365 Business Application system, you should look at what requirements this puts on the business. Begin with the business plan / strategy integrating it with your digital and IT strategy. Dare to challenge the business plan, existing working methods and structures, dare to dialogue with your customers, suppliers and partners. Review your processes and standardize them as long as possible.

Get knowledge of:

Insight – what’s happening?
Awereness – How does it affect my business?
Understanding – what changes are required?


Project preparation – what are required?
Implementation – HOW?

Then review what organizational changes will be required, then it’s time to look at what system support you need.

The system change has already begun, and it is moving fast right now.

Soon, a ketchup effect, which we were in during the inflated millennium (Y 2000), will probably know what’s going on.

• Then it is important to keep track of the suppliers, skills and quality! But who are the suppliers? ERP suppliers who are based on really old technology and with an even older way of working ??

It requires a new plan! A whole new way of thinking
”A New Mindset”


Start the preparations already now, then decide what and in what order the implementation will take, below an estimate of time spent on preparation (excluding implementation)

Medium-sized companies = 6-12 months
big companies = 1-2 year
Enterprise = +2 year

Microsoft a long-term ROADMAP!

Keep in mind, this is no new way of thinking, or a whole new system for Microsoft itself. Microsoft has had a long-term vision and strategy since the cloud was defined in 2000. However, Steve Jobs came with the Iphone and and Windows Domination was over ”to the better” in year 2007.

Below-running information from Microsoft, really long-term strategy!

Sysfinity Microsoft and Steve_Jobs

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