Now I have closed the ERP book

More 39 years together with ERP business and organisation development

Now I have closed the ERP book

Please download Introduction to Model D-WoB ”Digital World of Business

Sysfinity New Digital World 1.0 D_WoB_Introduktion_ver 1.0_eng (pdf)

Sysfinity New Digital World 1.0 D_WoB_Introduktion_ver 1.0_swe (pdf)

I have participated from the beginning of (70s) when the first parts developed, much later became known as ERP. Initially integrated Order, Warehouse and Billing, it was named in Sweden OLF (OWB),

When these systems were developed, they went from the manual working methods and transferred to a computer program, so exactly as when writing an order on a form, it could now be done electronically with a computer. The warehouse/stock was updated and the billing could be done automatically, it was amazing at That time, probably the biggest profits that ERP ever delivered.

Then everything grew and became ERP system, but with the same basic view as the 70’s.

The technology used in today’s ERP system is from the 80’s, some with little influences from the early 90’s, the development has now left these colossus or monster-systems from the 80’s.

But the worse is that working methods are from the 70’s.

I have been working on a variety of models, even self-developed, during these years.

And now in a Digital World, ERP and the old models add no value, they simply do not work in

The New Digital World!

Instead, ERP and the old models is a major risk for companies that remain with the old Mindset and technology!

Sysfinity Mikael Petersen The New Digital World

I’m also involved with future research in the last 20 years, so I’ve been able to write this model!

I have simply collected all my experience and looked into the future!

This has now appeared in the model D-WoB ”Digital World of Business”

Pleas download Introduktion to Model D-WoB från the top of page!


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