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A journey of change, many times means that a new organization in symbiosis with new technology will be launched, sometimes with a new ERP system

Along with a new ERP system, all the alarm bells ring!

Make it easy for yourself – Book me for 2 hours free consultation

There is actually great value in using an independent advisor, I have 40+ years in the ERP industry in all roles, but mainly Solution architect, with the last 10 years on Project and change managers with responsibility for risk management. Reporting to the management’s rapporteur for the steering group, etc.

Make it easy for youself, obok me for for 2 hours at no cost, this will instantly save you huge costs and you won’t have to lie seamlessly!


Without insight no awareness, no awareness no understanding. Often leads to incapacity (paralysis), fear arises over making mistakes, no decisions are taken simply!

Call me directly, or send an email, please use the contact form below!

CEO Mikael Petersén +46 79 313 51 63 –

Lund/Malmö – Sweden

Sysfinity is available for short projects for larger projects, we also conduct lectures and workshops with our trusted partners!

We also work internationally.

Right now we have available capacity!

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