GARTNER says we have to prepare for a recession! Why?

Unthinkable with Paradigm

GARTNER says we have to prepare for a recession, I say what do they know about this!

Forget about old trend curves, they simply don’t work anymore.

We are in a major technology shift with a whole new way of thinking, this is driven by technology and completely new values ​​from consumers, today consumers have the power. Our new digital generation has completely new values, and they are now starting to reach decision-making level.

The pace of development is fierce today, and we are only at the beginning of this.

Larger companies have realized the need for skills change.

Today, we see companies dismiss large groups of employees, and at the same time employing many, a huge shift in skills.

This gives a strong economically boom, while it also creates a “deep” recession. We have never seen this before, the question is how will our financial systems and our politicians will handle this?

Old models simply don’t work, they have to be re-invented.

My advice is to start thinking the unthinkable.

The change can also be called a PARADIGM shift, most recently we had a really GLOBAL paradigm shift was in the 1600s.

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