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Sysfinity Break free from ERP and Connect

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In March 2018, Microsoft declared its attitude and RoadMap for its old ERP – Business System

They made it very simple, actually a bit unusual about Microsoft!

Microsoft simply drops ERP

Digital System

→ Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Applications (launshed 2016)
→ Microsoft Office Business Center (for small businesses, office together with business applications

Sysfinity Dynamics 365 and Office 365 in the cloud


Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Application

Sysfinity Microsoft Dynamics 365 a Game Changer_Eng

Business Application is not about ERP, but ERP is part of Business Application.

We are now in the middle of a major technology shift, as is the case with ERP, which is now being seriously challenged by Business Application. Business Application uses new technology, but the biggest change must come from the companies themselves. It requires a business strategy that is integrated with the Digital Strategy, a change process, a new way of thinking, a new ”Mindset”.

Sysfinity The New Digital World

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Application

A business and business perspective

Dynamics 365 is based on an offensive market perspective, manages all business’s business features, which creates value for the company or organization. Dynamics 365 represents a new way of thinking and working on new technology made for ”The New Digital World” A solution that is automatically updated, a solution that can be easily expanded or changed. Everything is done automatically, fast and easy!

Simply adapt to a world of fast and moving goals!

It requires simplicity and a new ”Mindset”

Dynamics 365 is part of a larger whole of Microsoft, built to work with other Microsoft’s business critical applications. Companies should integrate their business plan / strategy with their Digital and IT strategy, the solution will be an important and strategic Business system.

A technical perspective

Dynamics 365, a service and component-based thinking, modularly built with latest technology, on the Azure platform interacts with other systems and with everything and everyone. Imagine a modern mobile phone, easy to install, suggests new apps that seem to suit your needs , all apps automatically work together. About the same principle for Dynamics 365 Business Application, amazing or how?
A solution that is automatically updated, a solution that can be easily expanded or changed. Everything is done automatically, fast and easy!

End to End -ERP system

The Old World End-to-End ERP (All-in-One)

Business Perspective
ERP, based on a defensive cost-saving perspective, enhancing internal processes. ERP’s previous processes are part of Dynamics 365, revised, updated and new, they will increasingly be automated.

Technical perspective
ERP, most of today’s established ERP systems are based on 80-90’s technology, they are built for a centralist and homogeneous environment within four walls. They are based on old technology that does not work in a modern cloud-based World.

Business Application replace today’s ERP systems?

It has the future to show, the ERP idea of integrating and collecting everything into a system and subsequently integrating into a host of third-party systems, ERP providers themselves have given up. Today’s ERP system simply does not work in the new host where everyone and everyone devices  should easily communicate with everything.

Will Business Application replace today’s ERP system? my answer = YES

Advantage of Microsoft Dynamics 365 vs other modern Business Application systems

Dynamics 365 is built to work with Microsoft’s other business applications. Microsoft’s cloud cloud platform Azure provides access to Microsoft’s other solutions such as; Office 365, WorkFlow, PowerApp, 3-Part App, Power BI, Cortana Intelligence, Internet (IoT), Machine Learning, AI (Artificial Intelligence). These solutions and Dynamics 365 are preparing to work together, and as Microsoft says ”in a carefree way”. A platform developed to interact with everything and all (not integrate) The greatest difference.

You can also express it as:

With Dynamics 365 Business Application, you go from an analogue world to a digital.

PS! Dynamics 365 Business Application is not an IT project, it’s primarily a business and change project!


Sysfinity Microsoft way Dynamics 365 and the old world

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