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How to Enter “The New Digital World” with Ongoing Paradigms

Living with and planning with constant violent changes, it requires new models that work with fast moving targets.

Internet 30 years ago, Cloud 20 years ago, iPhone and smartphones 12 years ago

This development has been very fast, but the development in the future will be violently fast, Download the following document ”Paradigm”quite simple unthinkable today!


  • The Great Crash in the United States in 1929
  • The effects of the 1930’s crisis that actually led to World War II
  • Sweden’s Great Banking crisis 1990s Financial crisis
  • 2008, Lehmans Bank

Today the Corona virus, here it becomes interesting, to see how people and countries stand up for each other, and show solidarity?

Use our new models for ”The New Digital World”

W-WoB ”Digital World of Business

Introduction model for Digital transformation, the model can also be used stand-alone, or together with replacement of old ERP system. The model covers everything from start to finish, then together with our other models.

• How do we management a Digital Transformation Project

Guidelines and idea models for the new world

Plan & Point Directions, plan with moving targets, business and organizational planning, implementation and follow-up • Cross-Border, Break down Silos, and build a new trust organization • Plan with Agila methods / models • New competence & Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation, which also includes replacement of old ERP system

A wonderful challenge, to Transform the company / organization

Sysfinity have a clear and clear Agil plan, ”Plan of Directions” with Dynamics 365

The competence in this area is almost non-existent, even new digital models are missing.

Use Sysfinity’s expertise together with our models that describe what and how to do, step by step, with one, Agilt’s mindset.

First, Business and Business Benefits with Change & Culture then in symbiosis with technology!

The New Digital World – requires new strategies – and new models

Sysfinity New Digital World Strategies

Integrate Your Business Plan/strategy with the Digital Strategy

Sysfinity Integrate Your Business Plan and strategy with the Digital Strategy_Eng

Sysfinity’s Digital models help you go Digital and stay Digital

D-WoB (Digital World of Business)

Sysfinity D_WoB Model The New World part one(Framework part 1/4)

A model with a holistic approach that manages a fast-changing world!

– It requires simplicity and a new ”Mindset”

– Old ERP can not change quickly enough in the time we live in, this is a survival requirement, now and in the future. ERP is defensive administrative solutions, sequential and static.

– New offensive solutions and practices are needed in a constantly changing world, solutions that work towards moving targets

Cross-Border (Breakning down Solios) with D-WoB

Sysfinity just our way

– A model for a modern and digital way of working

– Our new digital generation does not accept the old structures and working methods

Breaking down Silos with D-WoB

Breaking down Silos with Cross Border

Agile Strategy and Planning with D-WoB ”Moving Targets”

Sysfinity Agile Strategy and planning with D WOB

Business and business benefits first, then technology, but in symbiosis with each other!

Change & Culture first, then technology, but in symbiosis with each other!

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