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Microsoft drops Business ERP, the word are now deleted from Microsoft’s dictionary!!

Microsoft has now clarified its attitude and strategy (March 2018)

→ Now there is the new system Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Applications

→ And the old systems have now got a new term ”End to End” systems, actually the same meaning as All in One, ERP.

In 2016, Microsoft launched its new solution Microsoft Dynamics 365 Buiness Application

A new modern solution completely built with cloud technology, and built together with all of Microsoft’s other business applications, and the most important, a modular *) system that works with everything & everyone in the cloud. The solution immediately replaced the old ERP system Dynamics AX. Dynamics 365 is absolutely no new version of Dynamics AX, but probably many processes are taken from Dynamics AX, but now developed, updated and, above all, automated.

Sysfinity Microsoft Dynamics 365 a Game Changer_Eng

*) Modular, buildable in the cloud, with Microsoft or other components, take the best from different worlds and vendors, the cloud then connects them in a simple way. Ex. you think your warehose storage functionality is not enough with Dynamics 365, just disconnect and connect to another solution (in the old world, this was the same as replacing the heart, with huge work and costs as a result), modular is actually the opposite End to End/All in One/ERP -It’s Just Plug & Play!

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Applications and End to End system, what’s what!

Digital systems built with cloud technology

Microsoft Dynymics 365 – Entirely built with cloud technology, a digital and a new mordern way of working, a system for today’s and future requirements

→ Microsoft Dynymics 365 Business Applications (launched 2016)

→ Microsoft Office Business Center (for small businesses, Office togheter with Business applikation

Sysfinity Dynamics 365 and Office 365 in the cloud

Now there is the new system Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Applications and the old systems have now finally got a new term ”End to End” systems, actually the same meaning as All in One, ERP. So all that NOT the cloud stands for, and quite right to drool the term ERP.

End-to End systems built with older technology, and an older way of working
(however, same meaning as All-in-One, ERP)

These systems have roots from 1980-90, both technological and working methods!

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central for Analog world




March 2018, a new name and logo, Dynamics 365 Business Central, Dynamics NAV launched in new Azure clothing, under the arms of Microsoft (technologically).

The old truth meets the new, and a paradigm shift

This applies not only to technology, but also to be open to change in order to benefit from new technology! Dare to question your ways of working, your structures and business practices, simply integrate your business plan / strategy with the Digital Strategy ”In The New Digital World”

To implement Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Applications

Is something completely different from implementing an old analogue ERP, it requires a new think, a new ”Mindset”, all old ERP models will not work. Implementing a Business Applications system requires a new model and a new ”Mindset” to succeed, and it’s actually fun.

Keep in mind that…

When implementing Business Application, 85% of the old way of implementing End to End system (ERP) ”The boring part” disappears. This work simply is no longer needed!

Sysfinity Old and New Digital model


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